Port of Los Angeles

The Port of Los Angeles is full of history and is the perfect place to visit if you are interested in enjoying fun and excitement, along with a learning experience. As of right now, the Port of Los Angeles is known for being the most populated port in America. It is located in San Pedro, which is a neighborhood of Los Angeles, conveniently located near the downtown area. More than 15,000 individuals are employed at the port. The history of the Port of Los Angeles dates all the way back to the 1500’s, which makes it rich in history and fascinating to learn about.

"Port of Los Angeles"Aside from its rich history, The Port of Los Angeles regularly holds different tours and events, all of which are quite enjoyable. The Public Educational Boat Tours take place during the month of May. These tours start in the morning at 10:00 AM sharp and end at 3:00 PM. Along with the boat tours, there is also the Seafood Fest, which takes place during the month of June. The Cars & Stripes event, which is all about old-fashioned cars, also takes place during the month of June, typically towards the end of the month.

Throughout the summer months, the Port of Los Angeles is a popular spot for people of all ages because of all the different concerts that will be going on. There will be summer concerts held throughout the months of July and August, particularly during the month of July, providing entertainment for children, teens, and adults alike. The concerts are usually held on Thursday nights so be sure to plan ahead. If you are planning to visit Los Angeles in the summer months, you will definitely want to check out the Port of Los Angeles, especially during the month of July so that you can attend one of the many concerts.

"Port of Los Angeles California"While the summer months are quite eventful along the Port of Los Angeles, there are still happening events that take place in the fall. In October, the Happy Harbor Halloween even is held at the Port of Los Angeles. This is a great time to get the family together and truly get into the Halloween spirit. Children and adults can dress up in their favorite costumes and enjoy the different activities that will take place. This is an event that children cannot seem to get enough of and adults are able to enjoy too. The event begins at noon and ends around 3:00 PM.

With all of the events available for people of all ages to enjoy, it is truly no wonder why tourists enjoy visiting the Port of Los Angeles.

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